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Vegan Politics

I wanted to post this for all of you who follow politics. Dennis Kucinich, a former Democratic presidential candidate from the '04 election, was honored with the Farm Animals Award for his position on animal rights and protection of farm animals. As the only vegan in Congress, I think this is a huge + for animal rights and it is an outstanding publicity for animal rights advocates. Personally, I love Kucinich for his view on life in general. He makes me hope that someday we will have a veggie president and with such a leader, we will be on our way closer to a cruelty-free world :)

Here is the link :)

i agree. he's not 'US electable', and that only adds to his integrity. i wish men like him could win elections (on 1/100th of their corporate-funded opponents' budgets), but with us lefty-'fringe' types as a core-constituency, and with US politics (and media) dragged so dramatically rightward, it's a pipe-dream now. one can only hope that the upcoming crises in war, climate and economy will enlighten people-- if we survive them, that is.


i absolutely LOVE kucinich. and i didn't even know he was a vegetarian!! he's great.


When Congress Men/Women do things in the best interest of mankind, it is a great idea to actually write them personally to thank them.  I am sure he has a website with his official address.
Wouldn't that be a super way to show our appreciation?

OR - there is a site called - and there you can create a petition asking for signatures in support of his actions.

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