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a study by the University of Chicago...vegan diets better for the environment

I found this while searching for articles on Earth Day.

In their next phase of research, Eshel and Martin will examine the energy expenditures associated with small organic farms, to see if they offer a healthier planetary alternative to large agribusiness companies. Such farms typically provide the vegetables sufficient to support 200 to 300 families on plots of five to 10 acres.

"We're starting to investigate whether you can downscale food production and be efficient that way," Martin said

You can bet big-agri will never let this study be reported by the corporate media!


I think perhaps that the second most disturbing element of this article is that the average American consumes over 3,000 calories per day.  Good God, no wonder we're so disgustingly fat.  I'd have to eat like it's my job to consume that much.

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