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*sensitive* about an AR person in jail *sensitive*

This is a website to support my friend who just got sent to jail.  He was convicted of sending 2 threatening letters while clinically depressed to farm workers on a breeding farm.  He was nothing to do with digging up the Grandma of the family who owned the farm (that, for those of you who are not familiar with the story, a group of AR activists exhumed a body allegedly, in an attempt to get the family who own the farm to shut it down.  the full news repoorts are on the BBC website.  The alleged perpertrators of that were recently imprisoned for about 12 years each.  You can find their details on the Vegan Prisoners website if you would like to offer support to them too.)                                    vegan prisoners support group

Anyways, so if you are interested in offering him or other vegan prisoners support please visit either of those websites.

thanks, bridget:)

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