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Please sign my no-smoke petition!!

Hello, I am starting a petition to ban smoking on the streets. I plan on sending it to the American Lung Association and Al Gore, please take the time to read it and sign. Thank you so much.

so where exactly would smokers smoke? no matter how disgusting it is, there are still plenty of people that smoke. sounds a bit draconian to me.


They can smoke in their own homes


that is true if they own a home, but renters do not have that option. i am glad that they finally banned smoking in bars in NY though. that was pretty gross.


When I am waiting at the bus stop and someone decides to light one, I look at the person and immediately walk in the other direction. Some of the reactions are hilarious.  :P


I deteste smoking. 

There's a no smoking ban in public places here in Florida.  I can finally enjoy going to bowling alley and restaurants.  I feel the rest of the country is heading in this direction.  We've essentially ran them outside to smoke and it would too oppressive of a society to make them smoke only in their own homes, although that's not a bad idea. 

I decline to sign your petition. There's plenty of room outside for their smoking not to affect me.  I hate passing a group of smokers, but it certainly doesn't affect me and my health for the two seconds it takes me to pass by them.

Good luck in following your heart and your passions.  Nothing wrong with that. 

I would like to see litter laws against ciggarette butts strictly enforced.


I'm not convinced of the efficacy of online petitions, since anyone could copy a bunch of names out of a phonebook and claim they were signers. People who put their email addies on online petitions often find themselves getting "harvested" by spammers who scan online sites for information to use for their own ends. Online petitions have no real weight, not like a real signature on your actual piece of paper. And I'm not sure they ever get to the person they are intended for; email from unknown sources often gets deleted.

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