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Monsantopheles, at it again: Supreme Court to hear GM alfalfa case

Despite losing 3 times already, and despite the US government telling Monsanto basically 'stop litigating this, already, you lost', Monsanto has succeeded in pushing their alfalfa case onto the docket of the Supreme Court. They were sued by Geertson Seed Farms and the Center for Food Safety, to stop the release of their GM alfalfa. Alfalfa is a very-heavily planted forage crop, which is an OPEN POLLINATOR... so if this GM variety is introduced, it will mean (in effect) that it's only a matter of time til there's no such thing as non-GM alfalfa, anywhere on the continent (beyond? who knows?)... & therefore no non-GM-eating any-animal-species-that-eats-alfalfa (wild or domestic). Organic farmers would lose the ability to choose non-GMO products, and (AGAIN!) consumers would lose the ability to choose non-GMO foods (especially those who still consume dairy, as alfalfa is heavily used as forage for dairy cows).

Once crops are contaminated with Monsanto's specific pesticide resistance gene, that's what farmers use to control pests-- "A 2009 study showed that the use of genetically modified crops, the vast majority Monsanto’s “roundup ready” crops, has caused over the last 13 years a dramatic increase in herbicide use, by 383 million pounds."  *

This case represents two important firsts: the first open-pollination GM crop slated for mass marketing (by the same guys who have, so far, been allowed unlimited manipulation of our food crops with zero accountability); and the first time Monsanto's (mis)management of GM food crops will be considered by the Supreme Court.

The USDA is asking for comment here:
I say we give 'em some comments!!!

Read more about the issue here:

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