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Hey, VegorBust! (politics continued)

I just wanted you to know that I am deeply sympathetic to where you are coming from.  My husband and I were crushed to see the popular election overlooked in favor of the electoral one (although that's how the system is designed), and absolutely appalled to see people's votes discounted through both dishonest and incompetent means. 

We were on tenterhooks during the 2004 election (we were in Peru!) and I have to confess that I saw my most cynical predictions fulfilled.  My partner, who was more optimistic than I was, was absolutely crushed.  We cried like there was no tomorrow.  I wondered if I could ever again put my faith in a system so exploitable.

I find that I can, because I have to.  If I have to campaign to make my voice heard, if I have to fight for the votes of my fellows to be counted, if I have to stand out in the rain with a signboard and allow myself to be arrested in the name of doing the right thing by my fellow citizens, well, then I shall.

My spirit felt broken and bleeding, but I don't think it can be destroyed completely.  I am healing-- wary, full of fight and piss and vinegar-- but healing and feeling very activist about it.  If you're still feeling bloodied, that makes you my compatriot, not my opponent.

Just wanted my $0.02 out there.  I am on your side, honest.

Edit: I started a new thread because I didn't want to drag the other one off topic, and I have a gift for doing just that.  ;)

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