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Good book to get started on animal rights?

Hi peeps, I'd like to get a good applied-ethics introduction to animal rights, what books would you recommend? I was considering Peter Singer, but if so, which book? And I'm sure there are plenty of other great authors out there that I haven't even heard of. It doesn't need to be 'animal rights for dummies', I'd prefer something in-depth, as long as it provides a good overview.

How about Peter Singer's Animal Liberation?  I haven't read it, but I enjoyed Singer and Mason's The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter and have been trying to decide which of his other books to read next.


I really enjoyed The Face On Your Plate by Jeffrey Masson



I was thinking of Animal Liberation, but wondering whether it might not be a bit dated now - anyone who read it have any opinions on that?

I'll take a look at The Way We Eat and The face on your plate, too!

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