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Diabetes lessen by vegan diet CNN article

Wow!!!  Main stream medicine is actually acknowledging something is effective and healthy that does not require animal consumption or drugs.


That was great..there's diabetes in my family and I'm concerned about sugar in my diet. Maybe I can convince my mom who's vegetarian and diabetic to go vegan!
There's this book I read by the same guy who conducted the research, Dr. Neal Barnard - Fighting the Food Seduction. It was really helpful to help me control my caffeine and sugar cravings. I highly recommend it. It has a lot of info that vegans would find useful.  :D


I'm new here because of that article. It got me to find out about Veganism, which led me here. Now I'm cooking a "Creamy Rice & Spinach Casserole" that I found in the recipes section for my family. Hopefully that article will prompt more people like me to take more action toward health.


Vegan rocks!
I too have diabetes in my family, and even though it's not likly that I'll get it, I think it's better to be safe than sorry...
In the article, they point out one thing that I think is so great about being vegan, and that's not having to measure or count your food. You will eat healthy no matter how you do, using some common sense. I think veganism ought to be the first thing for doctors to recommend when the patient is suffering from something related to diet (like diabetes, overwheight, heartproblems etc.)
It just makes so much more sense to change your diet than popping pills.


That was interesting.  Thanks!


My mom and I are both vegan and she caught that when it was on TV she was really excited to tell me about it. ;D I hope alot of people saw it and actually took it seriously.

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