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Balance of News

Just wanted to share a sight I had come across awhile go. I get so depressed when the news is on, sometimes your waiting for the weather at 5:00 a.m in the morning and something really gruesome pops up instead,usually said with a smiling face or immediately ' now heres' so and so with your local weather' leaving you no time to process or grief what just went on. Anyway well I remember doing a search on positive news, didn't find much but when I typed in happy news I found this site called well   :) sometimes we need to get away from all the negativity and even if you do decide to turn your TV off you come online and there it is right in your face, a bunch of bad news or what's going on with the people who are famous for nothing, most things I don't care to have implanted into my brain everytime I log online. So you can also make Happynews your homepage :)

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