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An ad I saw on tv

This has been bothering me since I saw the ad on tv & I need to let it out. There is a brand of chicken called 'Prime' & here's a little snippet from their website...

"All chickens are fed grain based diets. The difference is that Maple Leaf Prime™ Naturally* chickens have been raised on a proprietary feed that is vegetable grain containing no animal by-products.
Canadian food standards permit the use of animal by-products in chicken feed. At Maple Leaf Poultry, we made a choice to raise Maple Leaf Prime™ Naturally* chickens on our proprietary Nutriprime feed. Nutriprime is a wholesome blend of corn, wheat, soybean, canola, and vitamins, containing no animal-byproducts.
Your demands for more natural products and our commitment to satisfy your needs have led to people across the country discovering the taste and benefits of an all vegetable grain fed chicken product. We made the choice to provide you with a natural, safe product that you can serve with confidence to your family."

The irony of it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. They're raising their chickens vegan, only to slaughter them  to be fed to people!

It is sad. "We are feeding them a very healthy and nutritions diet (thats vegan) so they are more healthy for you!!"

Wouldnt people just think... hmm maybe veggie diets are more healthy than chicken...?? Guess not. Aside from that, at least their chickens arent being made involuntary cannibals (as I tend to think of it) I always got upset when I first learned how these animals have other animal products and by-products in their diets... As if life isnt hard enough for them, they have to eat eachother without realizing it.. kind of morbid but just a comment.. *tear* :'(


I totaly get what you mean...over here where i live(Canada) there are commercials on now that have acual cows in them, and then in the back ground there is teens skate boarding and rapping about milk...then these girls come out in there matching offits and start singing about milk it's so good for you...the poor cows look so sad in the commercial....the milk companies make it look so cool to drink make me so sad... >:( :-X


There's another commercial about Black Angus Beef which is suppose to be the best beef you can get(wouldn't know, never tried it). Anyway, the ad shows a man explaining how only 1 in 5 cows are good enough to be chosen. In the background, a man in a cow suit is doing a happy dance saying to all the other cows, "You didn't win, you didn't win", then he stops & says, "What did I win?"......sorry cow, you won a trip to the slaughter house. >:( These types of ads make me furious!


It is ironic.

However, as a nurse and a health care advocate for the general public vegans and nonvegans alike.  It's a step in the right director for those who choose to eat chicken. 

I'm not advocating meat eating by any stretch of the imagination, but I am flameproof.


thanks tweety. i'm not usually one to call for restraint, but I respect producers like Niman Ranch who treat their animals like living creatures instead of just walking cutlets that are inconveniently alive.

Just like CNN's not going to stop airing Natalee Holloway and Angelina Jolie 'news' instead of real stories like the recent Indonesian earthquake or exploring the root causes of New Orleans/ Katrina devastation, people are going to keep eating meat. Companies like Niman Ranch and Maple Leaf Prime™ (if their ads are to be believed) are a step in the right direction.

Of course, I'm not a vegan, or even a strict vegetarian. I just don't eat meat, and avoid animal products when I can. I am not morally opposed to killing an animal and eating its flesh. Humanity's evolutionary strength came from its adaptive omnivorous diet.

I am morally opposed to agribusiness, treating food like a commodity and not a necessity; I despise the meat industry, which turns meat production into an assembly-line process, exposing animals to deplorable conditions and passing on their diseased, hormone-laced meat to the consumer. I oppose market capitalism, which places profit over the health of the world and its people-- and its animals.

But I applaud Maple Leaf for feeding their chickens chicken food instead of industrial meatmulch. Babysteps, and pretty soon we'll arrive at my socialist paradise, where the world is healed, and the cows are happy and healthy before I drop the axe and feed 'em to my carnivorous friends.  ;)

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