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Trying vegetarian/vegan on a military meal card

Hey everyone, I am in the military and am on a meal card.  Basically that mean the money I get allotted for food gets put into an account and I can eat [virtually] unlimited on base.  I live in a dorm room, I do have a kitchen, but again money is tight because I am expected to eat on base.  I can't elect to not have the meal card at this point.  I want to try vegetarian/mostly vegan lifestyle for its health benefits, but options are EXTREMELY limited.  I basically have a pathetic wilted salad bar to choose from, and our dining facility doesnt offer soy milk or anything aside from regular cows milk.  I want to give this a try, but resources are limited and I want to do this the right way.  Any tips?

Can't think of a single tip other than that you might want to wait until your situation changes and you have full access to a variety of vegan foods.  If your options are very limited, I would personally question whether you could do a vegan diet and get all the nutrients you need. 


Wow, that situation does not sound Vegan friendly at all....maybe while you are held captive by your meal card you try to work slowly to veganism. Like cut out meat and just eat seafood as the only animal product and then work up to it? I wish I had better advice! Are you stationed overseas or stateside? I was just curious because I've never heard of the meal card.

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