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Being vegan in the USA

hi everyone! :)

I'm Anne-Sophie, from Paris! 

Sorry to disturb you, but i'm new on this website! I'm looking for people to help me writing my thesis by answering some questions.

The subject of my thesis is : veganism in the United States

I am a vegetarian for 2 years now, and the more i study about veganism, the more i get involved in it. My problem is that being vegan in France , and maybe especially in Paris, is very expensive and the quality of the meat substitutes are not satisfying at all, and very hard to find. So i'm just eating tofu haha

I hope to find more recipes about tofu here than i found on other websites!

Would you mind helping me getting to know your opinion about vegan diet in the USA ?

The survey i prepared is on the following website:

Thanks to all of you! XOXO




Another question! Do you know if plant-based cosmetics need any animal tests alternatives, or as it's 100% plant based, they don't need to get tested?



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