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Re: Interesting quote on the omni/veg relationship

I totally relate...for the new year we went to visit friends we hadn't seen in 14 years.  When we started talking about what to have for dinner, my husband looked at me, and said, "what do you want?" and then he looked at our friends and said "she's vegetarian." They freaked out!!  They were going to have steak...which is OK as long as they don't expect me to eat it, but I was not going to launch into some rant on the health and ethical reasons not to eat animal products.  They were like, Oh MY GOD!!!  what are we going to do?? So, they went to the grocery store to pick up some things, and when they came back they had a whole bag of "veggie stuff" ( they had NO idea what to buy...but it was a sweet gesture).  Then I got the whole fire-squad of questions.  I do not feel morally superior to meat eaters or those who consume dairy...I just feel thankful that I know better and if people are interested, I try to show them how to incorporate more veg recipes into their diet and maybe how to use tofu.  My friends were really interested in learning how to use it!  I sent them a whole slew of recipes last night!  Baby-steps!  :D

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