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local veg groups?

So I was just at the grocery store and...exciting!!!! The person in front of me in line was buying all produce/bean/grain type things!!! (Yes, I am guilty of looking in other people's grocery carts). Furthermore, it is the only time I have ever seen another person using a reusable box/bag in my year of living here. I really wanted to ask if he was vegan, but I was too shy.

That got me thinking, though....maybe I should try to start a local veg group for people that are vegan/veg/transitioning/interested in learning about vegetarianism/like to cook. I got really excited thinking about that, because I generally love where I live, but it is hard to meet like-minded people (my town's major industry is the giant Hormal slaughterhouse/processing plant). 

My questions are numerous: Has anyone had success doing this? How did you do it? Is anyone part of a local veg group? What kinds of events/activities have you participated in that you've found fun or helpful? I'm very excited at this possibility, and my wheels are turning...

Well, I have spotted a vegetarian and vegan meetup group in my local area. If you go on, and find your city/town and create a name, you can get in touch with others who have the same interests by searching. Good luck!


I'm pretty sure there are several NYC area groups.  Baypuppy, didn't you post one once, or did I dream that? hmm...

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