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Response to Cake Angels Disaster Recipes thread

Once again the forum will not let me  respond to this thread (it asks for a word verification but there is no letters to type) so I am going to reply this way.


I don't have this cookbook so I can't really go off what she uses in her recipes.  But some other ideas for egg replacers I have used:

cornstarch or arrowroot powder or a potato or tapioca starch (usually one tablespoon per egg being replaced)

one cup plant milk and 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar (white or cider work best) mixed together which basically forms a nondairy buttermilk; be sure to include a pinch of salt and some baking soda (1/2 teaspoon) when using this version.  This is a good leavening substitution

soft fruits or veggies such as banana, apple sauce, cooked mashed carrot or pumpkin or butternut squash (makes a good binder substitution)

tofu or white beans or mashed potato (for binding and moisture)

flaxmeal and water or chia seeds and water

plant based yogurts such as soy or coconut milk yogurt (for moisture and binding)

agar powder and water can replace egg whites (agar powder can be found in Asian food sections or stores)

It is trickier with gluten free flours because they tend to be on the heavier side.  I am not gluten free but my mom is but I am vegan so I have experimented a lot with gluten free vegan baking.  I tend to stick to recipes that are designed for vegan gluten free baked goods because it isn't just the egg that is often replaced but amounts of everything else sometimes have to be adjusted too when there is no dairy or egg being used.  I have also found that lighter oils work better than plant based butters for gluten free vegan baking, and trying to leave out fat all together in vegan gluten free cooking is not recommended because the oil really helps keep the drier gluten free flours from being too crumbly and dry.  Also, as far as cupcakes, never fill the cupcake pans more than 2/3 of the way with the batter or it may collapse in the middle upon being baked.  I also need to bake gluten free vegan goods longer than otherwise.  I have had the most success getting a lighter cupcake by using more starch and less flour in recipes.  Tapioca flour or starch works best but cornstarch is good too.  Potato starch is ok in small amounts but is heavier.  I also use vinegar and soymilk in these recipes for leavening.  Soymilk works best for baking, especially when using lemon juice or vinegar.  It has a higher protein content and curdles nicely to get that buttermilk consistency.  The other plant milks just don't do as well.  Gluten free flours tend to be low on the protein side (except buckwheat, almond, and soy flour) so soymilk compliments them nicely.  But not too much plant milk.  Use some water too to keep it lighter.  Too much plant milk makes my goods more gummy.

I don't have any other advice but I hope this helps! Below are tons of links that describe plant based egg substitutions:



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