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Prepared Seitan Sources? In Illinois?

So tonight I researched and learned what seitan is. I found sources for the vital wheat gluten online and I'm sure I can get it at the Neighborhood Co-op in their bulk section. Where would I look for prepared seitan in the store? And if it is not available locally, does anyone know if prepared seitan can be purchased online? Or is this an item that requires refrigeration and cannot be sold online?

Thanks in advance for any answers received.

Sorry to see that this hasn't been answered! There are a couple local seitan makers in Illinois. The one that comes to mind is Upton's Natural from Chicago.

You can find seitan in Whole Foods and local natural foods stores in the refrigerated sections. Typically, where there's tofu and other refrigerated (not frozen) fake meat products, there's seitan (if there's seitan at all).

Good luck!

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