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A Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

The holidays have arrived in full pumpkin-spiced, peppermint-mocha force! We were so excited to see all the new holiday and seasonal-flavored vegan treats at the grocery store (shout out to pumpkin spice almond milk!), and it’s really got us in a festive mood.

We’ve been dreaming of caramelized, roasted Brussel sprout spreads, layered veggie bakes, and sweet dairy-free desserts every day as the temperatures dropped—and finally, it’s Thanksgiving week.

We’re wrapped warmly in our wool-free sweaters, fuzzy faux-fleece socks, and can’t wait to stuff ourselves silly with decadent, vegan dishes such as the eight recipes we’ve handpicked for our special Thanksgiving menu. Normally, we limit our blog post menus to 5 dishes as not to overwhelm the senses, but it’s the holidays and half the fun is getting to eat a lot; so enjoy these wonderful winter plates, and have a happy Thanksgiving, VegWebbers!

Stuffed Squash
Wine-Dijon Brussel Sprouts 
Taro-Purple Potato Mash
Savory Scrumptious Stuffing
Raw Cranberry-Apple Relish
Pina-Colada CousCous Cake
Vegan Tres Leches Cake

And here's what you can do with your leftovers: Thanksgiving Sandwich.

Thankful for everything,

Webmistress Melissa


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