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Sweet Vegan Halloween Treats

Knock-Knock! Boo! Did we scare you? Well, we wanted a more original Halloween greeting than the usual “trick or treat!” but we all know the talk before the treats isn’t important—it’s what’s in the bag (or wrapper) that counts!

While many houses will be handing out spooky, scary sweets that are laden with dairy or eggs, we know there’s no need for that hell-ish nonsense this Halloween! Bake ghoulish vegan goods, make frightening frozen drinks and creative creepy bites for your party guests or any little masked visitors who dare ring your doorbell when the sun sets.

From Slime Smoothies (perhaps with a splash or two of special witches brew from the ‘ol bottle) to Zombie Cupcakes and Jack-o-Lantern-Shaped Sugar Cookies to what to do with leftover vegan candy corn, we’ve got you and your eerie Halloween night covered!

1. Slime Smoothie
2. A "Buggy" Vegan Jello Treat 
3. Zombie Cupcakes
4. Candy-Corn Tofu 
5. Jack-o-Lantern Sugar Cookies

Happy halloween!
Webmistress Melissa


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