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Sultry South Asian Food to Warm You Up This Winter

We’ve held our palms against the window a-many mornings this week and have confirmed that the temperatures are dropping––however in some regions, the mercury has plummeted more than what can be considered jolly weather.

While we do find joy and comfort in making blanket burritos in bed with a good book (our four favorite B’s: blanket, burrito, bed, book—life is complete), nothing draws us out like the promise of a good, warm meal—and nothing screams warmth in the belly like spicy, fragrant, and comforting South Asian food!

From appetizer samosas to simple cauliflower curry to decadent and creamy matar paneer peas and dairy-free cheese, this South Asian smorgusboard of a menu is sure to put some heat on your palate during the coldest days of the year!

Simple Stuffed Samosas
Quick and Easy Bhindi Masala
Curried Chickpeas
Spiced Potatoes 
Matar Paneer Peas & "Cheese"

Stay warm,

Webmistress Melissa


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