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Mint & Mingle

As we approach mid-July, it’s quite clear that summer—and its blistering heat—is here to stay. Cool down with a Mint Julep cocktail, the seasons ice cold drink of choice, and party like a Greek god.

Mint is as old as time—or at least ancient Greece, as the Greeks used mint to clean their tables and scent their baths. In addition, the Romans used the herb to help with indigestion, freshen their breath, and flavor their sauces. It is said in some cultures that mint symbolizes hospitality and is given as a sign of friendship and welcome to guests.

The herb’s namesake, Minthe, was a river nymph from ancient Grecian mythology. Minthe was turned into a plant by Persephone when her husband Hades fell in love with Minthe. Persephone hoped as a plant, others would step on and crush Minthe. Unable to reverse the curse, Hades instead gave Minthe a fragrant aroma so that he may smell and be close to her even as others walked over her.

Back in the real world, mint’s refreshing, cool aroma comes from (love! and also) the essential oil known as menthol. It contains high amounts of vitamins A and C, as well as vitamin B2, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and copper.

If spirits don’t please your palate, don’t worry there’s plenty of mint to go around. With it’s fresh, herby bite and bright, sweet notes and cooling quality, mint really holds a special place in our heart (and kitchen!) during summer.

Enjoy our mint-alicious menu—from appetizer to minty dessert. Your breath with be as fresh as ever as you mingle with the gods (just don’t attract a married one—or you’ll spend forever as foliage).

1. Creamy Mint-Cashew Coleslaw
2. Mint-Avocado Pasta
3. Mint & Watercress Soup
4. Herb-Marinated Veggie Skewers
5. Raw Chocolate-Mint Pie

Happy Merry-Mint,


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