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Jazzy July 4th BBQ Menu

Fire up the grills and pull out your red, white, and bluest outfits as we’ve rounded the corner of July and are well into summer. Sparklers blazing, watermelon slices cut, the much anticipated July 4th barbecue is only a few short summer days away.

While it’s easy to think of July 4th as simply a day to indulge in the tastiest of grilled veggie burgers and sweetest of berry cakes, America’s independence from England is at the center of this national holiday. Independence Day originates back to the 18th century when the first 13 US colonies fought in the American Revolution for freedom from Great Britain. In 1776, Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, and on July 4th of that year, the declaration was adopted and America officially became the land of the free. However, it wasn’t until 1941 that the Fourth of July became recognized as a federal holiday, now traditionally celebrated with fireworks, parades, festive displays of the American flag and its colors red, white, and blue, and of course, the very American tradition of the backyard barbecue.

We’re particularly fond of this last custom as our vegan July 4th barbecue menu can’t be beat. From the unique edamame twist on the classic veggie burger to a crisp cool cucumber salad and spicy fries to brighten up the side dishes, we’ve got you covered for the best and jazziest July 4th barbecue menu:

1. Cool Cucumber Salad
2. Delicious Hummus Dip
3. Chickpea Edamame Burgers with Tahini Dill Sauce
4. Spicy Seasoned Fries
5. Luscious Strawberry Shortcake

Happy Fourth of July, VegWebbers!
Webmistress Melissa 


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