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Autumn Apple Recipes

Autumn is here! Well, not officially as the first day of fall falls (ba dub baaa!) on September 22 this year. But if you’ve wandered the grocery stores’ aisles and refrigerators lately, or any coffee shop and cafe, you’ll find pumpkin-everything splashed across all menus. Therefore, it’s safe to say, autumn is pretty much here, or well on its way.

While we’ll wait a little bit before revealing our mega pumpkin menu, falls’ favorite fruit—nature’s candy—has started to roll in. Apples are autumn gems and nothing screams fall like a warm apple crisp, a sweet-smelling apple pie baking in the oven, or even candied apples that make children (and adults!) squeal with delight.

Here are 5 more unique and unusual apple-centric recipes to help you and your loved ones usher in fall:

Healthy Cinnamon Apple Crisp
Classic Caramel Apple Pie
Sweet Apple-filled Crepes
Raw Apple Pie 
Cinnamon-Apple Waffles 

Remember what they say—an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Enjoy all 5 apple recipes and stay happy and healthy this fall!

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