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VegWeb Guide to Dining Out

When eating out, head for Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, and Japanese restaurants for a bounty of veg options. Some of our favorite mainstream restaurant options include:

Tofu-veggie stir-fry over rice; fried noodles with mushrooms and baby corn; vegetarian egg rolls
Italian: Cheeseless pizza (or pizza with vegan cheese) with capers and eggplant; pasta puttanesca (hold the anchovies!); grilled vegetables on focaccia

Avocado sushi rolls; shiitake mushroom rolls; rice-stuffed inari (marinated tofu)

Bean, rice, and salsa burritos; tostadas with pinto beans, lettuce, and guacamole; soft tacos with black beans and fresh vegetables

Fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce; Vietnamese crepes served with fresh greens and dipping sauce; vegetarian pho

Chickpea curry with basmati rice; roasted eggplant with baked roti; masala dosa stuffed with spiced potatoes

And now more than ever, vegetarian restaurants are opening up across the country. Check out for a list of meat-free eateries in your city.