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The Sandwich That Got My Brother to Eat Tomatoes!

What you need: 

2 thick slices whole wheat bread
vegan cream cheese (I like Tofutti), to taste
1 good summer tomato, sliced thinly
red onion, to taste, sliced thinly
black pepper, to taste
healthy sprinkle oregano
healthy sprinkle chives
vegan margarine (I like Earth Balance)
garlic and herb blend spice (mine is McCormick salt-free)

What you do: 

1. Spread one side of each slice of the bread with a thin layer of cream cheese. Layer the thinly sliced tomatoes and onion over one side, pausing often to sprinkle with black pepper, and oregano.
2. Sprinkle the other cream-cheesed side of the bread with chives. Lots of chives. Close sandwich and spread outside sides of bread with vegan margarine.
3. Sprinkle with garlic herb seasoning in manner of garlic bread. Grill like a grilled cheese sandwich.
I made this for my 12-year-old brother, who insists that tomatoes (well, most vegetables actually) are unfit for human consumption, and he devoured it. He said it tasted better with "all those secret spices."

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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After all the good reviews i decided to try this because I love tomatos.  Only thing it lacked was some vegesal so I sprinkled a little on top and it was exactly what it needed.  I will be makig this often thanks for a nice staple!!!


Mmmmm... this was tasty. I just made it last night for dinner and totally loved it. I used rye bread and grilled the onion (white) and tomato first. I omitted the chives (didn't have any) and oregano (don't like it) and it was way melty and yummy! Thanks for the recipe!


The whole sandwich  is definitely greater than the sum of its parts--I was surprised! Delicious!

I used dried basil instead of oregano and chives b/c I was out of oregano and really never keep in chives, and put the garlic on the inside b/c I remembered the recipe wrong. I used some sourdough--so good!

I made this today b/c I (for once) had tofutti cream cheese on it. I was unimpressed with it plain, but on this bread and with all the yummy spices and onions (and heated!) it was fabulous!


This was really good!
I used rye bread and herb and chive tofutti cream cheese and replaced the chives with fresh garlic.
I needed a quick pick me up sandwich to get me through until dinner and this definitely hit the spot, thanks!  :)


amazing recipe just the way it is!! next time im adding spinach!


Ok so I made this again for lunch(woofing it down as I type) and I basically stole VeganSapein's concept of a pita. I used a multigrain pita pocket, and warmed some tofutti with garlic and green onions.  When the pita was out of the pan I took some vegan parmesan and dashed it ontop.....let me tell ya...HEAVEN in a sammy!

Again kudos to the BEST sandwitch EVER in the world!
Erin~ ;)b


This sandwich was absolutely delicious. I put a piece of Tofutti Mozzarella cheese between the layers of tomato and onion, but I don't think I would have needed it, it was really good. Thanks for the recipe!!!


this recipe does not have very much flavor. maybe spritz it with braggs and use avocado instead of cream cheese. To me its not worth the fryedness and such. I love toast though haha


I wanted something quick and easy to make and this seemed to fit the profile...


This was great! I used red peppers instead of onions, but otherwise followed the recipe. I second the suggestion to use a hearty bread, mine fell apart, but it tasted great. I think this is the first recipe I've given five stars. I'll be making this again.



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