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The Sandwich That Got My Brother to Eat Tomatoes!

What you need: 

2 thick slices whole wheat bread
vegan cream cheese (I like Tofutti), to taste
1 good summer tomato, sliced thinly
red onion, to taste, sliced thinly
black pepper, to taste
healthy sprinkle oregano
healthy sprinkle chives
vegan margarine (I like Earth Balance)
garlic and herb blend spice (mine is McCormick salt-free)

What you do: 

1. Spread one side of each slice of the bread with a thin layer of cream cheese. Layer the thinly sliced tomatoes and onion over one side, pausing often to sprinkle with black pepper, and oregano.
2. Sprinkle the other cream-cheesed side of the bread with chives. Lots of chives. Close sandwich and spread outside sides of bread with vegan margarine.
3. Sprinkle with garlic herb seasoning in manner of garlic bread. Grill like a grilled cheese sandwich.
I made this for my 12-year-old brother, who insists that tomatoes (well, most vegetables actually) are unfit for human consumption, and he devoured it. He said it tasted better with "all those secret spices."

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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You could also call this The Sandwich That Got Snowbunny87 to Eat Onions!

This sandwich is so easy and simple, I can't believe I never thought of it!  I sprinkled a little dried pesto mix (mine was from Tastefully Simple) along with the other herbs and it tasted amazing.

A fun variation of this is to use vegan mayonnaise instead of cream cheese and add lettuce after grilling... like a way awesomer version of a BLT :)

Thanks for sharing the recipe...I now have a quick alternative to the PB&J I usually live off of!


Just a note that if you don't have any crusty bread around, thin, bagged, store-bought vegan white bread works great too... I recently made this at my parents' house where they always have the same white bread on hand, and it's very, very thin. I think I might like it better this way actually!


So, um... I read all the reviews & expected this sandwich to be good, but I could never have imagined it would be this good! :D And I don't typically love Tofutti--it's alright, but I think it tastes very distinctively different than dairy cream cheese, and not really in a good way. But in the sandwich, it is warm & gooey & the flavor is amazing! I will definitely be making this sandwich often!

And I used a crusty French bread, too--I would highly recommend this! Oh, and I omitted the oregano, but used Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle, which is a dried herb blend. This is a perfect sandwich! Oh! And I think this would be really delicious dipped in balsamic vinegar, but I am too busy stuffing my face the way it is right now... I'll keep it in mind for next time. 8) Okay, I'm done now.


Yup, this sandwich totally rocks!!  :D It was as good as any grilled cheese I ever remember having. It is soooo good!! I love the chives and the garlic-herb seasoning. Thanks for such a simple but delicious sandwich!


Yummy!!!  Easy, fast, delicious!  I didn't have chives so I just used a sliced green onion.  Excellent sandwich!


This was the best sandwich ever!  I didn't use chives, and I used a garlic/pepper blend on the outside before I grilled it, and it was SO good!  I had two of them yesterday . . .


i love this recipe!!!


MMMMmmm Great sandwich! I made mine with dark whole rye, added smoked tofu, used garlic chili flaxseed oil instead of margarine, and used spike for the seasoning. Thanks for the recipe!!


Yummy Yummy Yummy!  ;D
This is a really great sandwich! It is so easy to prepare and tastes wonderful. I have made it so many times, I like to grill the veggies and toast the bread. OMG, so great! Thanks for the recipe!


This was the NUMMIEST sandwich I've had in as long as I can remember!  I left out the onions (cuz I don't really like 'em) and after I ate the first one I had to eat two more so I could try a couple different things!  (At least, that's how I justified eating 3 in one night!)  <blush>

The second time around I mixed in some smoked mustard with the toffuti cream cheese and it was AMAZING!

The third time (I'm so gaining the winter 10 lbs this year) I mixed in Cholula hot sauce with the toffuti.  Which was ALSO amazing!

Thank you so much for this recipe!  Your brother is a culinary genius!



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