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Sweet and Tangy Vegan Sloppy Josephines

What you need: 

1 pound vegan meatless grounds (SmartGround or Yves work well) or 1 pound steamed French lentils (see footnote if using)

1/2 medium onion, chopped

1 cup organic ketchup

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

2 teaspoons ground mustard

1 teaspoon dried dill weed, or to taste

3-4 tablespoons organic brown sugar

4 hamburger buns (Dave's Killer Bread Blues buns are the best!)

freshly ground pepper, to taste

What you do: 

Over medium-high heat, in a large skillet, heat a little oil. Add the onion and cook until soft and translucent. Crumble the grounds or lentils into the skillet and break up the clumps. Cook until heated through and turn the skillet down to low heat.

Stir in the ketchup, apple cider vinegar, ground mustard, dill weed, brown sugar and pepper. Mix well, cover, and simmer until heated through again. (Sometimes I steam the hamburger buns on top of the filling mixture until it's finished cooking).

Taste for seasoning, serve on the buns and enjoy!


Note: If using steamed French lentils, add vegan beef bouillon to taste (not stock -- you wouldn't want to add extra liquid) and a pinch of garlic powder to give it a beefy flavor. This is a healthy and tasty soy-free alternative to grounds. I find the lentils in the produce aisle at Trader Joe's.


Wonderfully sweet and tangy sloppy joes that I grew up with, but veganized! You won't find any bell peppers here. This is far healthier than most sloppy joe recipes. The spices can be easily adjusted. These are also great with sweet potato fries! Try this for a quick and economical weeknight meal.

Preparation Time: 
2 minutes
Cooking Time: 
15 minutes
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