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Nutritional Yeast Queso Sauce

What you need: 

1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1/4 cup flour
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon salt
dash garlic powder
1 cup water
2 tablespoons margarine
1 1/2 cups salsa or 1 (10 ounce) can diced tomatoes and peppers
tortilla chips, to serve

What you do: 

1. In a saucepan combine dry ingredients (nutritional yeast, flour, paprika, salt, and garlic powder).
2. Whisk in water. Continue to whisk constantly over medium heat until mixture is thick and bubbly. Remove from heat.
3. Stir in margarine until melted, then stir in salsa. Return to low heat and cook just long enough for salsa to heat.
4. Pour over chips and eat like nachos or use as a dip.
Remember to always whisk it!
Source of recipe: I got this recipe from a friend a couple of years ago and it is by far the best vegan queso I have ever had. Add this to any and all Tex-Mex that you make or use as a spread on sandwiches.

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Cooking Time: 
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Quick, easy, and delicious. Best vegan queso I've ever had. I like it even better without the salsa for a simple cheese sauce.


This recipe is awesome!!!! I add boca crumbles to mine and OMG its amazing....its like a chili con queso. I take it to parties and people can't tell that its vegan. 

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I looooove this.
I usually add a tsp of mustard, soy sauce and liquid smoke for an extra kick of flavour.

this is my new official mac and cheese cheese sauce.


Great sauce. Reminds me of Velveeta + Ro-tel queso. I make it without the salsa for a plain cheese sauce. Also mixed it with veggie chili and it was very yummy. Much preferable (Less fattening) to another recipe I was using that had a lot of margarine in it.


Since nachos are my kryptonite, this recipe was a lifestylesaver! However, this was my first time working with a nooch-based cheese alternative, so I don't have a way to compare it to other recipes (and I like this one so much, I'm not sure if I will). It doesn't taste exactly like cheese, but it did satisfy my long-term, tortuous craving!


Oh wow, this is sublime! I did add a pinch of cumin, and served it side by side with the salsa. It was so incredible on its own! Where it mixed was lovely too, but it didn't need the salsa at all :)

I used the bulk nutritional yeast from Whole Foods and used Earth Balance as the margarine!

Awesome vegan queso!!!


I make this all the time too and can't believe it took me so long to write a review. This recipe is soooooo simple and yet so amazing. It is so good my partner (who usually cooks variations of the same 5 things) asked for the recipe and has added this into his food rotation.

At times we've reduced the salsa and used this for macaroni and cheese too! You can even add cooked green lentils to the mac and cheese for protein and it looks like faux hamburger helper as my mother pointed out.



I use this all the time. It's great!


Queso has always been my downfall, and this really does take the craving away.  The only kind of nutritional yeast I can find is in the bulk section at Earth Fare, so I'm not sure what brand it is.  Anxious to try Red Star to compare (and maybe it actually is Red Star).

I've made faux queso with Daiya, vegan sour cream and cream cheese, and it turned out good, but this one rivals it, which is fab, as I now stay away from oil and added fat most of the time and this is a much easier recipe.

I used Wondra because I had no flour, which worked well for smooth texture, but is probably not the healthiest as it is bleached and processed.  I also added chili powder and cumin, and to try and achieve that tangy-ness that cheese has, lime juice and a tiny amount of red wine vinegar.  This worked pretty well.

Next time I'll brown fresh chopped onion and garlic, then add the dry ingredients and water and stir in fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro and a can of chopped green chiles.

Funny how the new vegan quesos on the market that are so popular- Nacho Mom, Food for Lovers, is basically this recipe!


I'm a big fan of this recipe and have made it twice now! Yumyum.

The only change I made was reducing the amount of salsa in it. I added about half the amount and it looked/tasted right to me so I didn't bother putting any more in.

For any Canadians finding it difficult to find nutritional yeast - try Bulk Barn. They always have it and at a descent price too.

I just thought I'd mention that, although I used to get nooch from Bulk Barn, there's no guarantee that it provides B vitamins (specifically B12). So I get Bob's Red Mill now, which is more expensive but at least I know I'm getting B12. That said, if Bulk Barn posted nutritional information for their nooch and it had B vitamins, I'd go right back to them. I miss my huge (cheap) bags of nooch ;)



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