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Greek Lentil Soup

What you need: 

2 large onions
1 packet split red lentils
juice of 3 lemons
a couple of spoons of veggie stock
salt and pepper
yummy fresh parsley (as much as you want)

What you do: 

This recipe is the very best. I was nervous about it but my god, its delicious. Use a big stock pot as this little recipe makes HEAPS!
Fry the 2 onions until they are wilted.
Add the whole packet of lentils. Stick in quite a bit of water. Lentils seem to be very thirsty. You can top up the pot as you cook.
Add the veggie stock and salt and pepper. Squeeze in lemon juice. The family recipe was 2 lemons, and honestly, the more lemon juice the better. You can also put in lemon rind it you like that.
Have the stove on a high temperature and boil for 20 minutes. If the lentils drink all the water, just keep topping up the pot with a glass every 5 minutes.
Yum yum. By now you should have a thick chunky lentil soup. If you like chunky soup then just add coarsely chopped parsley.
This is delicious with garlic bread or to use as a chunky soup/dip.
If you like smooth soup like me, then get out the blender. Add the soup bit by bit and put fresh parsley in. Don’t boil the parsley in the soup; always add to soup at the last minute. Blend soup and parsley. Done!
This Greek recipe was passed down from all the ladies in my family starting with m y great-grandmother. It is vegan and delicious. Great winter treat.

Preparation Time: 
20 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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how much is in a "packet" of lentils? i buy them bulk

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