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Get Your Groove on Veggie Burgers

What you need: 

1 (15 ounce) can beans or lentils, drained and rinsed
1 cup carrot, zucchini, and/or broccoli, pureed
1 cup rolled oats
garlic powder, to taste
onion powder, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste
1/2 cup salsa
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon vegan Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup barbecue sauce
1/4 cup cornmeal, optional

What you do: 

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, and lightly oil a baking sheet. Put beans or lentils in food processor until pureed, and then add to mixing bowl. Add pureed veggies.
2. Process the rolled oats in the processor to create a powdery grain. If you want your burgers to have more texture, you could skip the processing part. Add oats to mixing bowl and stir until combined evenly.
3. Add the seasonings, salsa, oil, Worcestershire, and barbecue. If it seems too wet to make patties, add cornmeal. Form into patties; I was able to form about 6 patties.
4. Salt and pepper the patty tops. Bake for 1/2 hour, flipping halfway through.
They were firm and juicy when done. I served on whole wheat bread with Dijon mustard and Vegenaise, with some baked potatoes. Get your groove on at the next burger/dog party with these healthy, tasty burgers!

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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These were pretty good. I didn't have seasame oil and used olive instead. I didn't have cornmeal and didn't want any lol, so I used regular flour, 1/2 cup. My veggies were half of some leftover broccoli with cheese and some sweet corn. Next time I'll probably add a bit more spices, but these were really good and my omnivorous family enjoyed them. =)



These were really great! First bean burger I've made that I've baked and I like them better that way!
I actually didn't have any oats - so I subbed Panko bread crumbs. I used 2 small carrots and a zucchini and added about a TBSP of hot sauce. I left out the salsa, Worcestershire sauce and cornmeal. These held together perfectly! And they tasted awesome!  ;)b  they are great on a bun with grilled onions, tomato slices, avo slices, veganaise, mustard and pickle slices. Thanks for sharing!


Completely delicious!  :)>>>  They cooked absolutely perfectly in the oven.  I didn't even get the chance to have leftovers because my fiance (who usually hates anything leftover) beat me to the remaining burgers!


These were great. Everyone in my family liked them. My 2 year old normally eats like a bird, and she finished her whole patty!


I've never had a problem with veggie burgers falling apart, but I do love trying new recipes for them and this is probably the new favorite. As with most people, it was still pretty wet after mixing everything together, so we added some TVP to suck up the extra moisture and get some more protein. We've tried it once with shredded carrot and once with shredded zucchini, and garbonzo beans both times. Added some liquid smoke too, so good!


Yummmm-o! These were great! I did not process the oats (because I was lazy!) and found no problem with texture. It was a bit wet so I did add the corn meal, however I had to add about 1/2 cup and that was a bit too much, the burger texture was great, but it was kinda gritty. My own fault, but they were still very delicious! They stayed together well, had tons of flavor and the texture wasn't super mushy like some others I've had. One tip is to make the center thinner than the rest of the burger, it helps them to cook more evenly! Mmmmm, will definitely make these again


I was very impressed with how well these burgers stayed together!  I'd made another veggie burger from this page and while it was tasty, it was very crumbly.

The mixture ended up being refrigerated almost a full 24 hours before I baked the burgers, since I mixed it up the night before to save time.  I added just a few sprinkles of cornmeal to the bowl and mixed it up right before baking.

The flavor didn't quite do it for me though.  I'll have to tweak it next time.  The beans I used were "no salt added" which didn't help, and I think next time I'll use olive oil instead of sesame.  But I will definitely keep using this as a base recipe!


Very good! I've made them twice. The first time, I used kidney beans and onions and carrots for the veggies, a teaspoon of garlic powder and some paprika, cayenne and cumin. Omitted salsa and sesame oil.  Turned out great, I love the texture!
The second time, they weren't quite as good. Then I used chickpeas and no corn meal, since I didn't think it would be necessary. That made them soggy, though the flavor was still good. From now on, I won't skip the corn meal but I'll keep playing around with the recipe. I'm thinking maybe use peanut sauce instead of bbq sauce and add some ginger and curry. Thank you for this recipe!


These are fantastic. Low fat and absolutely delicious! I'll definitely be making them quite often. I added pickled jalapenos to half of the mix. (can't get enough jalapenos!) I'm excited to play around with different beans/veggies combos.


These had the best texture of any burger I've ever made.  They held together nicely without being mushy.  They were really tasty too!  I used 1/2 black beans, 1/2 kidney beans, carrots, celery, red onion, and broccoli.  I didn't have worcester sauce, so I used Bragg's instead.  I took these to my friend's lakehouse, which is usually a meatfest and one of my "future vegetarian friends" ate one instead of the pork roast!  He said they were really good.  Camillus liked them as well. 

They reheated nicely in the microwave, although I hope to try them on the grill next time. 



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