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Classic Rice Crispy Treats

What you need: 

1 cup light corn syrup
3/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon vegan margarine (I use Earth Balance)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 cups puffed rice cereal, divided

What you do: 

1. Begin by heating the syrup in a small pot over medium heat, then add the sugar to the pot. Stir continuously for a few minutes; you might start to notice it bubbling at the bottom. If it starts to become frothy, turn down the temperature some.
2. When it starts to look like it's boiling, add the margarine. Stir until evenly mixed, then add the vanilla, still stirring. If you notice that the syrup/sugar mixture does not boil, you can turn up the heat.
3. Meanwhile, in a very large bowl, measure out about 5 cups cereal. Pour the heated mixture over the cereal. Stir all ingredients with a heat resistant spatula making sure to evenly combine.
4. You might want to add the remaining cup or more of the cereal, depending on the amount of saturation you're looking for (I find about 6 cups cereal allows all the cereal to be covered in syrup but not too gooey; still crispy.) Lay out a 9x13" piece of wax paper, and lightly spray with oil.
5. When mixture is stirred to satisfaction, pour the cereal on to the wax paper, using the spatula to push it into a large rectangle, approximately 1" or so thick. Allow the rice crispies to cool until hard, about an hour or so (although sampling of a chunk of warm rice crispies is possible for instant gratification!)

Preparation Time: 
15 prep, 1 hour
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


I used the Chex type cereal, these with rice on one side, corn on the other...otherwise recipe as written. Turned out great!


I just made these with chocolate crispy rice cereal and they are DELICIOUS!! and so easy to make! yum. 


really tasty! very simple and quick to throw together! :)>>>


It was easy and it was delicious! My only criticism is the next time that I make these, I'm going to double the vanilla flavour, since it wasn't enough for me. It gets a bit crunchy after a few days, but hell, it's still delicious!


I added only 1/2 cup of sugar and they turned out lovely.
They are a bit sticky and when I make them again, I am going to cut them out individually on wax paper instead of using aluminum foil (it was all I had).


Just made this with a few variations (thanks for the inspiration - I couldn't figure out how to do it without marshmallows :-/)

Raw agave nectar instead of corn syrup, added 1/4 cup of soybutter (instead of peanut butter) at the end right before mixing with cereal, melted vegan chocolate and poured over top once in pan. Waiting for it to cool, but very excited!!!


corn syrup grosses me out! so i used brown rice syrup, half the amount of sugar (evaporated cane juice, whatever!) and probably way too much vanilla - i just dumped it in cuz i love the stuff. but GOLLY i havent tasted something so marshmallowey in years. i found some puffed brown rice cereal so i can pretend its healthy, but didnt use enough - i got rice gooey treats instead of crispy. but YUMMM! im so making this again! but with more cereal :) try this out!


I used to use Sweet and Sara marshmallows but now I used Dandies!

Vegan Zagats


;)b yeah this recipe pretty much rocks! I read the comments from others and decided to use mostly brown rice syrup with a little  corn syrup  and only half a cup of sugar (mixed white and demerra) and slightly more krispies. Very nearly ate the whole batch after making them. mmmm. Best part no gelatin! I don't miss it.


These taste just as good as I remember the "real" ones, and were waaaay easier to make! (always had a hard time melting the marshmallows without scorching them...) I followed the most common suggestions here - halved the amount of sugar and added an extra cup of cereal. Super yum.

Even my violently anti-vegan dad said these were delicious! ;)b



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