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Sacramento - VegFest 2011

What: VegFest 2011

When: Saturday, January 29, 2011 12:00 PM

Where: Artisan Building
1901 Del Paso Boulevard
Sacramento, CA , CA 95815
916 798-5516

Del Paso Boulevard Partnership is hosting “VegFest 2011” a celebration of raw, vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

This is a free event for both vendors and the public. We’re hosting this event to bring information to the community about healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Current vendor list:

The Green Boheme
Sugar Plum Vegan
Never Felt Better Vegan Shop
Happy Go Lucky Veggie Cuisine
Gluten Free Specialty Market
Raw Sacramento Group
V-Dog (Vegetarian Dog Food)
The Cultured Kitchen
Sacramento Vegan Society
and more.

Wait!  What?!  I just might have to go to this!! :) What other Bay area veg*ns are with me??

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