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Hey Boston crowd.....

Last I remembered, we were going to meet on Sunday, April 9th. I can still
do this. Where shall it be....?

It might just be us.  I haven't been to Masao in a while; Veggy Planet would
also be good. If we go to Budda's Delight, I would rather go to Budda's Delight
Too (in Brookline). I am a pressed about time and don't really want to travel
to down town Boston. What do you prefer?


What about Masao's at 1pm. If you would prefer veggie planet (at the same time)
that is okay with me.


I just got Sandhya's email a few minutes ago. I didn't have access to my email until yesterday evening, and I completely forgot about our arrangements.

Also, I can't find my phone, so if you called me Sandhya, I'll probably get your message when I locate the darned thing.

Hope you all had a great time and lots of yummy food, though.


We all ended up at the Grasshopper and had a great lunch. I ate to much, but
is was very good. It was the first time I went there and want to go back.
We all had a good time and were talking about doing it again. Maybe you can
join us then.



I found my phone. Silly me.

Sandhya, feel free to call Jesse. I'm notorious for losing my phone, or turning it off and forgetting to turn it back on, so everyone who wants to get ahold of me usually has to call Jesse in the end. So, no worries there.

"I'm so down" for Grasshopper. I just have a terrible memory, too. I'll fiddle with my schedule these next few weeks, so I can meet up. A girl's gotta eat, right?

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