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White Wedding

Yesterday, I received my third wedding invitation in the mail in the last two months—it is definitely wedding season. Many couples choose the pretty colors of autumn as the backdrop for their big day, including my sister.

That’s right, my sister is getting married next week, and because I’ve been denying this truth ever since the day she got engaged and I suddenly became a Maid of Honor, I had to scramble to put together a bridal shower menu. Luckily, the VegWeb recipe index is bursting with delicious recipes just waiting to be enjoyed.

Whether you’re planning a bridal shower, the actual wedding menu, or just want to enjoy a plate of freshly baked Mexican Wedding Cookies, VegWeb is here for you—especially at 4 am 8 days before the wedding, when you’ve finally come to terms with the fact that your little sister is getting married and you need to feed 35 of her hungry friends.

Here’s what I chose for the bridal shower menu:

1. Avocado-Cucumber Maki and Sweet Potato Nigiri
2. Italian Wedding Soup
3. Veggie Couscous Pilaf with Sauteed Baby Vegetables
4. Mexican Wedding No-Bake Cookies
5. Scrumptious Chocolate Layer Cake

‘til death (by chocolate) do us part, VegWebbers,

Webmistress Melissa


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