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Sweet, Sweet Sandwiches

Forgive us for we’re getting our last bits of summer travel in the next two weeks before fall wraps its wool-free blankets around us and we cozy up to our piping hot pumpkin soy lattes. Therefore, this week’s blog post will be short and sweet, but still filled with the good stuff—rich vegan recipes that will leave you salivating and satisfied.

This week’s curated menu is comprised of sweet, sweet sandwiches. It’s easy to think that a sandwich is simply things squished between two slices of bread—but enthusiastic eaters like us know that there’s so much more. There are dairy-free silky ice cream sandwiches, crunchy-sweet cookie sandwiches, and if we’re feeling really naughty, deep-fried powdered sugar-topped sandwiches to put all other sweet sandwiches to shame! We also can’t forget the classic peanut butter and banana sammy.

Here are 4 of the sweetest sandwiches you’ll ever take a bite out of:

Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches
Lemon Poppy Cream Cheese Sandwich Cookies
Vegan Monte Cristo
Classic PB and Banana Sammy

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