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Seeking Comfort (Food)

Can you feel it? Maybe you’ve had your windows open all day, busted out a light, wool-free sweater or two, or perhaps even sat outside in the crisp morning air with a large, steaming mug of your hot beverage of choice. Winter is coming and so is the inevitable hibernation-mode that comes with it.

Nevermind all the fun, festive, winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowperson-making, and all the other snowy “S” shenanigans (S-S-See what we did there?)—we look forward to the cold months ahead because of all the crock pot recipes we can indulge in, all the hot stews and soups we can slurp (we did it again!), and holiday desserts we can pile on our plates.

Comfort food is a big part of the winter season, and we can’t wait to add a little extra padding to our bellies—to keep us warm—with these 5 delicious comfort food recipes from our fabulous VegWebbers. Grab a thick, warm blanket to snuggle up to once you’re done cooking, and enjoy!

1. Vegan Savory Steak-Stout Pie
2. Homemade Hot Pockets
3. Creamy Asparagus-Thyme Soup
4. Beef-less Beef Stroganoff
5. Hearty Black Bean "Cheese" Burgers 

Happy eating!

Webmistress Melissa


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