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Nutty for Coconut Recipes!

Coconuts are pretty amazing.You can make everything from ice cream to curry with their magical goodness. In the winter months, they're especially appealing because who doesn't want a break from the cold? Living in perpetually chilly San Francisco, I can at least pretend I'm not wearing two sweaters by cranking up the heat and making some of the delicious coconut recipes on VegWeb.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Oh, and an awesome coconut fun fact (because I'm a total dork and love stuff like this): coconuts received their name from Portuguese explorers, who first brought them to Europe. The brown and hairy surface of coconuts reminded them of a mythical witch, Coco. When coconuts arrived in England, they retained the coco name and the nut was added. That's coco-nutty! (I crack myself up.)


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