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Microwave a Quick Meal

The holidays are fast approaching and that means hours and hours in the kitchen prepping the most lavish, fancy, time-consuming feast your family and guests have ever laid eyes on—so until then, how about you give yourself a break and make some quick, simple microwaveable meals.

From main entrees such as Sticky Tofu Ribs to side dishes like cornbread and creamed spinach to dessert, just 5 minutes and the press of a few buttons and you’ve got a 3-course meal.

We’re not saying you’d want to microwave all your nourishments for the rest of eternity, but a fast feast every once in a while never hurt anyone! We won’t tell if you dont! Here are 6 (bonus!) microwaveable recipes for you to enjoy:

Sticky Tofu Ribs
5-Minute Artichokes
Quick and Simple Cornbread
Creamed Spinach in a Cinch!
1-2-3 Brownies
Absolutely Divine Microwave Chocolate Cake

Happy microwaving and munching!

Webmistress Melissa


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