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Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

There is little else in life that induces happiness more than a kitchen warm with the aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking. I am a cookie monster. I love all cookies equally—though my obsession with chocolate chip cookies really tests that statement.

In college, I was invited to my very first cookie exchange party. Everyone comes together, toting small baggies of freshly baked cookies, and swaps dessert. You leave with a variety of cookies to try and enjoy. What a brilliant idea! I would like to be best friends with the person who thought of such a delicious gathering—and while there are a variety of cookies that make appearances at cookie exchange parties, it is without fail that someone will bring the classic chocolate chip.

The chocolate chip cookie came to be almost 76 years ago––and it’s creator Ruth Wakefield of Toll House restaurant in Massachusetts—sold the recipe to Nestle for a dollar (according to The New Yorker, she never even received the dollar!) The cookie was initially invented to be a companion to ice cream, but of course many mouths discovered and rightfully celebrated the dessert as its own entity. As the popularity of chocolate chip cookies soared in the 1930s, the famous Betty Crocker spotlighted it on her radio program—the rest is sweet, sweet history.

I’ve gathered a few of VegWeb’s favorite and most loved classic chocolate chip cookie recipes, but I also wanted to share other divine cookies for you to try at your next cookie exchange. Grab a bowl, preheat the oven, and let’s get baking:

1. Italian Dark Chocolate & Anise Cookies
2. Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
3. Pignoli (Pine Nut) Cookies
4. Decadent Cream Cheese Cookies with Chocolate Icing
5. Chocolate-Caramel Shortbread Cookies


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