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Your conception age?


Would you have changed that age in hindsight (if you could)?

I was 36 and 39. I wouldn't change it, because it was when we chose to do it, mainly to be a bit more financially secure, but I didn't meet my DH until I was 32 and wanted some couple time before we became parents.


I just found out that I am pregnant!  I am 30 and although I have wanted to get pregnant for quite some time, I am glad I waited because I was able to finish grad school and do all the other stuff I felt that I needed to do before having an infant in my life.  I already have 2 stepkids who are 17 and 12.


Aww congrats to all of you new mommies-to-be! I was 24 when I got pregnant and had my son and was 30 when I conceived and had my daughter. I feel that I was less nervous and more patient with my daughter, not just because it was my second child, but because I had more experience in the world too. I just figured when it was meant to be it was meant to be!



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