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Vitamin B12

Hi, I have a question for all you experienced vegetarians and vegans. I'm a vegetarian who eats a lot of vegan foods with the expection of eggs (occasionally) and honey. I don't really eat a lot soy products because I have a mild allergy to it (it makes my throat itch). I'm raising my two kiddos (16months and 4 years old) on the same diet. My only concern with our diet is if we're getting enough vitamin b12. Do those of you with vegetarian/vegan kids give them vitamin supplements? I'm not a huge fan of multi vitamins especially since all the kids ones seem to contain gelatin, hfcs and or artifical colours and dyes. My partner and I are talking about having another baby, if I get pregnant this will be my first pregnancy on a veggie diet. We eat very healthy and pretty balanced but we don't eat a lot of fortified foods and I just want to make sure we're getting enough of what we need. Any tips and advice are appreciated. Thanx :)

All the B vitamins can be found in nutritional yeast. It's amazing stuff. It has an almost cheezy taste to it, so you can add it to tomatoe sauces and it's really good. You can find it at bulk food stores in the bins. It's not expensive at all, and it doesn't take much either. 

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