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Trying to conceive with hypothyroid...

I was wondering if any of you mothers here have gone through this.  I am hypothyroid and hubby and I are looking into expanding our tiny family ~^_^~ 

My current plan is to

1. stop birth control and see if my periods have sync-ed up yet.
2. get my throid levels checked in January after having been off birth control for a month (because my thyroid levels dip a little after being off brth control and I need an accurate reading for this)
3. Fix any problems there may be
4. hopefully conceive and have a baby.

I just wonder how hard is to concieve with hypothyroid, or if it is impossible , what to expect, or any other helpful info

kthanks ~^_^~

I had hypothyroid some years ago (about age 35) - recently conceived with absolutely no problems and no intervention (at age 40).

When I had the (minor) thyroid problems, I increased the sea veggies in my diet (aka seaweed - kelp & dulse, mainly), and the thyroid problem improved on its own. Then years later, the conception just happened naturally.


What's your replacement dose?  Mine has been between 200 and 300 mcg.  I've never been on birth control or conceived.  I've never specifically tried, but it never accidentally happened, either.  On the other hand, my mom had her thyroid removed when she was 17 and she had my sister and me just fine.


I think mine is 88mcg

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