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Teen, Tween. and Toddler, HELP

I have a 13 year old, 11 year old, and 1 year old. The older two have been raised omni, but will eat a vegetarian diet.  The toddler has been raised vegetarian.  I myself am vegan, and I want to know what the heck to feed my kids during the day that will make everyone happy. They aren't picky, and they have been raised to eat what's in front of them, but I'm looking for some tips/tricks/ideas for things that are easy to port along to the parks and such, but toddler friendly.

Was that easy enough? HA.  any help is so welcome.

I love non-lettuce salads.  They're easy to make a big batch, often taste better after they've sat for a while, and taste good room temp or cold. 

Pasta salad...I make it with any/all of the following: cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, fresh herbs...with a balsamic & oil or Italian dressing.

Peanut noodles (there are several recipes on here, just pick one that appeals to you)

Mexican Tabouli (shameless plug for my own recipe.  Tone down the spice if needed)

LucidAnne's Lentil Rice Salad

Also, sandwiches or wraps with lots of fresh vegs and hummus (there are endless variations on hummus), or chickpea salad

Less portable things: pasta with tomato sauce (and vegs if you want), pita pizzas, nachos/burritos/quesadillas, soup, tofu scramble

Um...I'm not sure how much of that is toddler-friendly.  My baby's only 5 months so he doesn't eat food yet.  Check this thread for ideas


thank you Perma!!! Those are all great ideas.

I'm a good cook, but man, my brain hurts these days!  And for when your baby eats, im sure you've heard of the Super Baby Food Book!  It's GREAT.

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