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I'm very curious. Personally, I think that they make the veg community look bad.

I feel left out of the PETA info--like, the real deal stuff. Would anyone mind posting specifics, and any links you have regarding PETA's accomplishments or missteps?

Well, I don't have any links, but for specifics I can tell you that they have no problem killing dogs in the backs of vans and tossing their carcases into dumpsters. They got busted doing it in a nearby city to me, also nearby their headquarters as well. It was a big local news story for quite a while. Thank GOD those scumbags were caught and prosecuted.

As far as PETA in general, I think they're nothing more than a bunch of hypocritical, media hungry idiots who care more about getting attention, than actually making substantial contributions which directly benefit animals.

When the NRA and several other outdoor organizations reviewed PETA'S financial Statements, they found no financial contributions that would directly benefit wildlife, or, other animals.

If people want to make financial contributions to benefit wildlife and animals in general, and want to ensure their money is being applied to that cause, one of the best things they could do would be to purchase a hunting or fishing license. Regardless if they intended to use it or not.

I'm sure many here will take issue with that, but the fact of the matter is, that these licenses generate millions of dollars each year at both state and federal levels, of which the majority of that money is applied directly to; the improvment of wildlife populations, improvement of existing and the creation of new wildlife habitat. It is also used to procure lands that will never again be able to be developed, planting of food sources for animals, selective timber harvesting and controled burning of undergrowth which regenerates forrests and plantlife which benefits not only game animals, but the entire Eco system as a whole. These monies are also spent on our waters and waterways. They're applied to keeping them clean and free of pollutants, restoring rivers and streams back to their original states after damages from floods and erosion, keeping the rivers free of obstructions allowing Salmon to complete their entire Spawning Runs, raising and stocking of fish, monitoring and protecting endangered and protected species, etc, etc.  

This is just a sampling of what those funds are applied to.

And PETA'S contributions would be ...? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, activism, and of course harassing the hunters and fisherman who pay for all of the above.  That accomplishes alot ::)
;)b PETA!

So, what's my opinion of PETA ?  I think all they do is stir the pot and bask in the limelight of their own ignorance.

As for me, I'll continue to buy my Hunting and Fishing licenses each year for the benefit of all fish and wildlife.




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