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Strawberry-Banana Yoghurt

What you need: 

1 banana sliced and frozen
4 large strawberries or 5-6 small strawberries
2 tablespoons vegan protein powder, I use Naturade
splash of vanilla soy milk

What you do: 

Freeze the sliced banana overnight. Slice strawberries and mix with banana, pulse in blender.
Mix in protein powder, making sure all lumps are blended. Add a splash of soymilk and mix until smooth, but don't over mix!
Add some fresh, whole blackberries or more slices of strawberries at the end!
Packs a good serving of protein without any fat! You could really do this with any fruit, but I think the banana is necessary for the consistency. Enjoy :)

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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ummy!  I just made this (without the protein powder but I will definately use it next time even though i am questioning how sweet it will be with it). I used 1 banana, a couple of raspeberries I found in the freezer and a couple tablespoons of vanilla soymilk. Its very good except I put it in the freezer to hopefully thicken it up and make it into a cooling summer treat!

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