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Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich

What you need: 

2 baguettes or 1 French loaf cut in half
3-4 red bell peppers
thinly sliced fresh tomatoes
romaine lettuce
sun-dried tomatoes
vegan mayonnaise (Spectrum Light canola mayo recommended)
Dijon mustard
Earth Balance or other vegan margarine spread

What you do: 

Set oven to broiling.
Slice the red peppers into large chunks, discarding the stem. Place them skin up on a cookie sheet, broil until there are black spots on the skins. This will not take very long once the oven is heated, so keep checking them!
While they are broiling, slice the baguettes in half length-wise. On one slice, apply a thin layer of Dijon mustard, and the other, a thicker layer of mayo. Put the baguette back together, then slather a thin layer of Earth Balance on the outside of the bread, both bottom and top. Toast them over the stovetop on medium heat in a wide, shallow pan, turning over until toasted.
By now the peppers should be ready to be removed from the oven. Once you take them out, place them in a bowl and cover them. The condensation from their heat will soften and loosen their skins. This takes a couple minutes.
While you are waiting, open the baguettes and layer the lettuce, tomatoes (both fresh and sun-dried), and any other vegetable you like!
Return to the peppers, and peel their skins. If they are too hot to touch, you can rinse them with cool water first, peel, then pat them dry with a paper towel. Add them to the sandwich, and press the slices of bread together.

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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yummy I just made this! Well I had some roasted red peppers in the cubbie and I wated to see if I could make a quick lunch with them cause I was starving!  So I found this recipe and slapped it together and it was soooo good. I started with a half and now I'm going to make another one! So pretty much followed the recipe but I didn't roast them myself.

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