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Quick & Easy Breakfast Burritos

What you need: 

(this is enough for about four small burritos)

4 Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas (or your favorite brand)

1 small potato (diced)

1/2 white onion (diced)

1 Red Bell Pepper (diced)

2 cups mushooms (halved)

1 clove garlic (minced)

2 tbs of Earth Balance butter

1/2 cup organic white wine (optional)

minced cilantro






What you do: 

If you are needing a quick, filling meal in the morning then you will love these breakfast burritos :) My husband is always dashing out the door for work and forgetting the most important meal of the day so I came up with these quick burritos he can take with him :) Super easy you just have to throw everything in a skillet :)

Grab a non stick skillet and turn to medium heat

Add and melt your butter

Add your garlic and onions

If you are cooking your onions and garlic in white wine allow it to cook out

If not, simply cook until the onions are transparent but be careful not to burn the garlic because it will make everything taste bitter (ive done it more than once and...ew lol)

When the onions and garlic are good to go, throw in your diced potato, bell pepper and mushrooms

(you may want to add some more earth balance at this point to ensure the veggies don't burn)

Saute the veggies for a bit (about 2-3 minutes) and add your salt and pepper (or whatever seasoning you like)

Cover your skillet and allow the veggies to rest for about 3 minutes on medium heat. Continue to cook until they are at the consistency you like.

Transfer your veggies to your tortilla and top with cilantro and fresh salsa. (Hot sauce is also yummy with this if you want a bit of kick)

(If you don't have time to dice this all in the morning, you can always dice it all before bed and throw it in the fridge covered)




Preparation Time: 
about 10-
Cooking Time: 
about 15
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