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Nana Rossettis Italian Olives

What you need: 

1 Jar of Shoprite Spanish Olives w/the pits
Olive Oil--You can use vegetable/virgin/xtra virgin (anything goes!)
1 bag of celery stalks
1 medium onion (option to use how much you like!)
1 Spolette of bread (optional)
Salt, pepper, oregano, italian seasoning, to taste.

What you do: 

Take the jar of olives and dump out the saline that they package them in. Crack them (don't mash or pulverize--one good swift hit usually does it!) with the bottom of a glass or a mallet. Now, if you prefer the olives salty, you can proceed, howe'ver, I prefer to put them back into the jar and soak them in tap water for another hour or two until the saltiness washes out of them. Then, I put them in a bowl and set aside. Chop onion and celery (as much as desired) salt and pepper it, and mix it up a bit, then put in with olives. Pour oil on (don't drown!), enough so it cures the olives. The longer the olives sit, the better they taste, howe'ver, don't let it go for over 5-6 days! This is one of my favorite dishes--Nana usually serves this with a fresh spolette and we dip it in the oil! M-mm-M-MMMM!

Preparation Time: 
about a day
Cooking Time: 
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