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Dragonfly's Bulk, Dry Uncheese Mix

What you need: 

3 cups raw, organic cashew pieces
2 cups nutritional yeast (I like Red Star or Vegetarian Support)
3 tablespoons seasoning salt
3 tablespoons garlic powder (not garlic salt)
3 tablespoons onion powder (not onion salt)
8 tablespoons arrowroot powder (can use cornstarch, but it is not stringy like arrowroot)

What you do: 

1. Using a very dry blender, blend the nuts until they are very fine.
2. Add all ingredients, and blend in batches of about 1 cup.
3. Mix in a dry container.
4. To make sauce, add heaping 1/2 cup mix to 1 cup water, and stir over heat until thickened.
Use less water and add salsa for queso dip. Pour over hot veggies and/or pasta. Spread on vegan bread and toast for grilled uncheeses, or look up my enchilada recipe and use it that way.
You can keep this tightly covered in the fridge for about 6 weeks.

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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:DUm, can I give this like 20 stars instead of just 5???  I mean really!  This stuff is amazing.  I know it has probably been around forever, but I never knew about it and I have to say I am sooooooo happy to have found it!  It's delicious and by far the best sub for cheese I have found.  I am just loopy with joy over "uncheese"!!!  I would say I am weird, but I have seen how many great comments there were for this recipe and I know I am not the only one going gaga for it!!!  Great, fantastic recipe.  LOVE IT!!!


It is amazing how your tastes do change.  I mean, 3 years ago, I really was the Dairy Queen.  I thought soymilk was terrible (beany taste and aftertaste) the first time I tasted it.  Now I think it's just delightful.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

at the beginning i didn´t like soy milk or anything like that as well with the beany taste and so on. now i don´t realize anything beany anymore and can´t think of somehting more delightful as well. i already have a soy milk maker at home LOL

i´d really try it with some parmezano and the free&easy cheese sauce, but be careful, it can easily get too salty! i always make a small amount of "uncheese" as i do not always need cheese and don´t want to have to throw it away. i usually reduce the recipe to 1/4 c of water and all the other ingredients to that amount as well. try it. i also created with the help of parmezano and the free&easy sauce a "cheese soup dip" for my halloween party. i was the only vegan, there was just one vegetarian and the rest of the guests were omnivores. there was barely something left of the dip, no one realized there was no cheese in it! LOL



Believe me, I have no intention of actually going out and buying non-vegan cheese, much less becoming a regular consumer of it.  I thought more of tasting it as a curious experiment--if I actually come up against some (at some kind of social function, that is.)

Actually, I really have no desire to replace cheese in my diet.  It's just this recipe has so many great reviews and I've been looking at it so long . . .

It is amazing how your tastes do change.  I mean, 3 years ago, I really was the Dairy Queen.  I thought soymilk was terrible (beany taste and aftertaste) the first time I tasted it.  Now I think it's just delightful.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.


@julie1: i don´t think that it would be worth it to taste some unvegan cheese. i usually make some vegan cheese with a similar recipie, but I take some tahini or cashew cream instead of the nuts and I add some parmezano to get a cheesier flavor. maybe that would help you?
it´s not unusual that ur taste buds change while being vegan. as an omnivor u think soy milk is adulterated, therefore it would sound logical to me if it was the same when u taste some cow milk as a vegan. also ur olfactory nevers change. since I am vegan I am very sensitive to odours of food, especially the odours of the omnivore food.

to the review: this recipe is great! as I already mentioned above I substitute the raw cashews with 1 or 2 ts tahini and add a ts parmezano. i also replaced half of the starch with free&easy cheese sauce. that was also a very great result! even the omnivores around me ate it as a filling of some self-made rolls! one said it´s been the best vegan food he´s ever been eating!


Am I the only person on this site who doesn't love this stuff?

I have been looking at this recipe (and it's attached numerous rave reviews) for over two years considering long and hard whether I wanted to invest this much $ in cashews.

Well, finally last weekend I took the plunge and made the recipe EXACTLY as instructed.

I reconstituted some today and stirred it in with pasta and broccoli. 

Sorry, it didn't do anything for me.  It's not that it actually tasted bad.  It was just bland.  Perfectly ordinary.  And I'd had high hopes.  It smelled pretty enticing while it cooked, but ended up tasting more like a boring and watered down chicken soup.  It didn't remind me at all of cheese.

Maybe it's me.  I LOVED cheese as an omni and vegetarian.  And I have NEVER found a vegan cheese that I thought was worth wasting time with.  Currently, I go cheese free with the exception of occasionally using a little Follow Your Heart mozzerella to anchor the toppings on my pizza.  And even that, more often than not, I don't bother with.  I guess I have to accept that cheese will never again be part of my diet.

I'm glad I only made 1/2 recipe of the mix.  I'll probably end up throwing the rest away.

I should probably taste real cheese and see if I still remember it as it really is.  I remember a story Lezly put on this site a long time ago where she tried some cow's milk after being vegan for a long time and believed it was spoiled.  Then she had an omni taste the same milk and they stated it tasted fine.  Interesting.



I'm sitting here, producing copious amounts of saliva (eww, I know), craving this like no other!! This is the first "uncheese" sauce I tried, and I'm hooked. I'm off to the store to get some cashews, I just have to have some, like RIGHT NOW!! Thank you so much for this wonderful creation!!



I cannot believe how addicting this is!  This was so delicious, I had to force myself to stop eating it and actually dreamt abou tit last night!

Man this stuff is delicious, and the powder form makes it easy to work with and travel with.  THANK YOU!


One more review for this recipe.  It is great!  I didn't grind my cashews enough, so the sauce is a tad crunchy, but it still tastes great.  My boyfriend and I agree - it is addictive.  Yesterday alone we had it mac and uncheese, uncheese grilled sandwiches, uncheese omlettes, and mashed potatoes and uncheese.  I've discovered a way to cook this in the microwave too - to cut down on things to clean and time as well.  I make 1 batch (1/2 cup uncheese and 3/4 cup water), cook on high for 2 minutes, stir, cook again for 1 minute, stir and serve.  Thank you for the recipe!


where would I find arrowroot powder? I looked all over the grocery store & didn't see it. going to try the bulk store next


I tried to make this using macadamia nuts that had been in the freezer (to keep them away from the ants), and I think that must have caused some condensation because I ended up with a paste rather than a powder.  I'll try it again when I have some dry nuts... but just a warning in case anyone else is a dumb as I am. 



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