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After much contemplation, I have decided to step down as administrator of I miss spending time with my family and that is my number one goal right now. Because I want what is best for, I naturally thought of VegNews to take over the site. VegNews is known for its excellent publication, VegNews Magazine, and has an impeccable reputation within the vegan community. So I am excited today to announce that VegNews has agreed to take over will remain separate from VegNews' website,, but VegNews will be able to apply their resources toward maintaining What this means for you is that there will be an active staff working to add recipes, answer email, run the forums, and everything in between.

I am happy to tell you that Laura from VegNews will be the new administrator for, and I know she will do a terrific job. I have full confidence that she will expertly handle the little ups and downs that occur in the forum. She is already helping to add recipes in the queue and is familiarizing herself with the administrative areas of the site. Laura will be posting here shortly to introduce herself—I know you will enjoy having her in the community.

I would like to thank all of you for helping to make what it is today. It is your recipes, reviews, helpful comments, and more that make such a wonderful, welcoming place. I look forward to seeing it not only grow, but thrive under VegNews' administration. I have registered under the username of yvette, and I look forward to being a part of the community for some time to come.

Thank you for everything!


Laura will primarily be using her Webmistress Laura account for all administrative purposes. The "admin" account will remain available for use by VegNews staff in general.

I am relatively new to veganism, and I truly believe that recipes and support from this site made it possible for me to make the change for real instead of leaving it in the "too hard too scary" basket.

So thank you Yvette, I appreciate everything you've done here to make a place where veganism accessible, friendly, fun and exciting for people like me :-) Enjoy your well deserved family time!


Thank you Yvette!

I have enjoyed this board for many years.  Now it is time for you to enjoy spending time with your family.

Thanks once again for the many wonderful years and hard work!



Thank you Yvette for creating such a wonderful site and the best vegan recipes site/community!  I wish you only happy times with your family!


Thank you for the wonderful messages. I am glad that so many of you found to be such a helpful resource. It really makes the years worthwhile. I am looking forward to watching the site grow under the very capable hands of VegNews.



Dear Yvette,
Many, many thanks for establishing this wonderful site; like many before me and many after I'm sure, I "stumbled" upon it after searching for veggie food recipes and have loved it since.
All the best for the future,
kindest regards,


Dearest Yvette,

Thank you so much for the creation of this site. It has been more then just a useful resource for me. I found the site just days after going veg and it has been my "vegan home" ever since. I have found recipes, news, and tips for sure--but beyond that--I have found a home and friends and family that I love most dearly--including you! You will be most dearly missed--I certainly hope that you will be popping in to join us on the forum lots and lots!! I don't know why--but it makes me a little sad to know the site is being handed over--I want nothing but love and family and all the best things for you--much love to you and your family--I can not thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!



Dear Laura and Colleen and all of VegNews staff--

Welcome! We hope you will love VegWeb as much as we do and help the community to grow and thrive!!

All my best and hopes for only good things!



Thank you so much for your years here at VegWeb and for creating this wonderful community-- I've been using and loving this site since the 90s and am happy to continue to do so under the new VegNews administration.  xoxoxo to Yvette, and welcome, Laura!


I've only been on here for a bit, but I love it. Thank you so much, Yvette.


Thank you Yvette for all your hard work. I don't know what I'd be eating if it wasn't for this site...I stumbled across vegweb a few years ago & it has always been my first choice when looking for recipes.

All the best to you & enjoy the family  :)>>>


Thank you so much for all the warm welcomes! You all (and the truly awesome Yvette) have created such a fantastic site! We hope to expand on it's excellence but we'll definitely need some help from the community!

As far as changes, I promise this won't they won't be Big Brother big! I'm going to start a forum on things you'd all like to see changed, added, thrown in the garbage, etc and I hope you'll contribute. It's obvious that the community is vibrant and filled with ideas and I'd love to hear them!


All of my sentiments are articulated above, but I wanted to add my name to the list of those thanking Yvette for this site and hoping for only good changes from the capable staff at VegNews.

maggie  :)


You'll be missed.  Thank you for everything!!!



Thank you, to Yvette, and all the other members of VegWeb, who have inspired my cooking to be more conscious, and hence, more flavorful.  I don't know what I'd do without the ideas I get from this site, and I know my family (and friends) couldn't be more grateful for all the new, flavorful recipes.

I have told many people about this site, anyone who seems interested.  I believe that this site empowers people to become more conscious in their eating habits and the support for their lifestyle and principles that vegans often need but don't get from their home community.  I know I have felt more understood here, and there is a real sense of connection among members.

So, Yvette, and all the contributors over the years, thank you for your time and effort in spreading the vegan-yumminess. 


Amazing, wonderful, congrats!

Welcome new friends!  Yvette - can't wait to spend more time chatting with you!

Much love!!!

eta: Yvette has a real profile!  With stuff to read!  I'm so excited!


Hi Yvette, thankyou for your help in answering my query. Yah for more time with your family. Good wishes from me here in Raglan New Zealand . Loretta


Yvette, thank you so much for all that you have done to make this not only a wonderful place for vegan recipes but a truly wonderful community. :)>>>

Welcome Laura.  ;)b



Yvette, you rock! 8) Welcome to R&R, freedom and the forums. Thanks for all your marvellous hard work.

Welcome to the new admins. You rock, also. :D


Thank you Yvette for being the genius mastermind of building and perfecting this most useful, amazing site for vegan recipes and forums-- you rock! I wish you the best and am happy for you and your family having more time together-- children grow so quickly and life is short. I understand and agree with your sentiments completely! I just hope that the look and feel of the site will stay the same as far as having the small homeyness, and not go all corporate, etc... but it sounds like you will still be 'around' so yay for that! Looking forward to seeing you around!  :)

Best Regards,



Wow... Facebook is down so I stumbled over here to find this news!  Yvette, thank you for all you've put into this site.  I could never figure out how you did it.  I assumed your entire life must be dedicated to administrating  Thanks for leaving us in good hands!  :)

Enjoy your family.  I'd love to hear more about your life, mystery woman!  ;)



Good luck, Yvette! I truly don't think I would have ever gone vegan without the resources, recipes, and other members here on VegWeb. Thank you for everything. :)>>>

this is totally true for me, too!  thank you so much for all your hard work yvette & enjoy your family time!

I third this!  Good luck Yvette.  Thanks for all you did to make vegweb what it is.  I'm glad you will be sticking around the site.



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