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What did you feed your child today?

Sometimes I feel my whole day off revolves around cooking and cleaning up. And I have these momentary panics where I'm like, what will I FEED these people?!? By Thursday I'm out of food and out of ideas. So, what DID you feed your kid today? So far we've had:
a Van's waffle
dried cranberries
an orange
and I'm cooking a sweet potato and rice pilaf for lunch-I should probably throw i some sausage for protein...

here's what I'm feeding the rugrats for dinner....right after swim lessons. It was easy to make this morning; I baked it and now after lessons all I have to do is put the topping on and bake it another 10 minuets or so. Certainly solves the oh-no-theres-only-40-minuets-till-bedtime rush after lessons, i hope. We have not tried this recipe before so we shall see...


For breakfast they had blueberry and plain pancakes that I made two weeks ago and tossed in the freezer. For lunch in their lunchbox they had quesadillas (two tortillas microwaved in damp paper towels with cheese in the middle and cut into wedges) and refried beans and grapes and popcorn for snack. For dinner we were supposed to have seitan cutlets but I didn't get around to making them so we're trying the red beans and rice cakes from vegan planet with some swiss chard (which they will eat under duress) and corn. That's two beans in one day which I usually try to avoid but I have been overwhelmed with some other things lately. I ind it is a huge help if I plan the week's dinner menu on Mondays because even if I change my mind I still have a basic game plan.

Tomorrow they are taking their thermoses and having the mock chicken noodle soup from a nava atlas cookbook and for dinner we're having the tempah with broccoli raab from vcon. Well, truthfully, we're eating the tempah and they'll probably have pizza since we're having other kid guests.

If you are strapped for ideas I recommend the tofu fingers on this site which is very similar to another recipe I have used for years. Also I made the spinach nuggets a little while ago and they were not bad.


this reminds me of this morning.  This morning, I walked into my classroom, which is the holding room for all of the kindergarteners, and I look over to THEE most misbehaved student in the kinder population (that doesnt have a behavior disorder) and see him eating SKITTLES for BREAKFAST!!!  I go over and ask him, is that your breakfast?  Yes.  Did you eat anything else for breakfast?  No.  Well lets go down to the cafeteria and get you a real breakfast.  This IS my REAL breakfast.... AKJDHFLKSDJFLKJSDFLKJ  oh my goodness.  the aids said he was even more nutso today than other days.. maybe its the bag of SKITTLES that he ate for breakfast!!! oh my goodness.  i was floored.

yall are awesome parents : )


You parents give me hope. At least I know there are at least 3 parents that are rock stars when it comes to their children.


We get up at the crack of dawn and I leave for work before my daughter leaves for school so we only have sit down breakfasts on the weekend.  She has a Lara bar, a banana, and a soy jerky in the morning while walking to school (1/2 mile).  She had a chickpea salad sandwich on wheat for lunch (usually with tomato, sprouts and avocado), and a tangelo and a pomegranate later in the day.  Pasta with fresh marinara for dinner. 


FUN! ;)b

For breakfast, my 5 year old (vegan) had:
homemade waffle (whole grain, five grain) with pure maple syrup
orange juice

Snack and Lunch:
the rest of her waffle! (it was gigantic)
dried mango and blueberries
fig bar

Dinner (the plan thus far):
Baked fingerling potatoes
Sesame Tofu
Apple crisp

Let's see...yesterday she ate...

fruit smoothie (just banana, oj, and peaches)
whole wheat toast w/earth balance
dried fruit
seaweed rice cake
soy yogurt
peanut butter & honey sandwich (we're "vegans" who eat honey)
cilantro (she loves the stuff plain!!)
Purple potato oven fries ("french fries" baked in the oven)
zucchini muffin
apple crisp (we have a lot of apples from the farmer's market!)

p.s. other things I have had luck w/lately are:
-scrambled tofu
-french toast (whole grain, vegan)
-teriyaki broccoli and tofu
-nori rolls
-homemade energy bars (well, at least all her friends like them... :P)
-pumpkin-rosemary biscuits (whole grain as always, but light)
-any kind of muffin!
-whole grain tortilla, heated on the skillet w/earth balance
-apples w/dip (pb & maple syrup & cinnamon stirred together)
-ants on a log (from this site I think...celery w/pb and raisins)
-pigs are safe in the barn (also from vegweb)
-soycheese pizza
-veggie fried rice (w/veggies kids will eat)

Hope this can be a real challenge to feed picky kids (I know!!) ;)b


Also, I'm really happy the coldish weather is almost back because that means soup and some kind of quick bread (muffin, cornbread, biscuit) at least one dinner a week--usually Thursdays.


My daughter's not picky(thank goodness), but sometimes I feel like my brain freezes and I'm like, well, we have potato chips...I just like to get new ideas from people. Like the nori sheets. I should try that, I bet she'd like it. Yesterday she had(all vegan versions)
-half a bagel with cream cheese
-mac and chreeze
-burger king for dinner!(and now she has a tummy ache today)

Thanks, Qunitess!! ;)


breakfast: breakfast pizza and fruit juice

for lunch: two kids got hearty salads and one kid got organic alphabet soup and crackers because he is sick  :(

for dinner: I made a HUGE pot of scrumptious kicken-noodle soup with extra veggies  and crackers.

Someone else got to have them for snack and they had cookies...thanks for undoing all my work, right?



My daughter's not picky(thank goodness), but sometimes I feel like my brain freezes and I'm like, well, we have potato chips...I just like to get new ideas from people. Like the nori sheets.
Thanks, Qunitess!! ;)

I know what you mean!! Even if kids aren't picky, it is still a lot of work to keep them fed. I am still always on the lookout for ideas...I even checked out a book from the library yesterday ("Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld) to get some new ideas. Although the book is far from vegan, I have gotten a lot of great food ideas from it...I even went through the book w/ my daughter and let her pick some recipes she would try (like the tofu nuggets, etc.). I will have to change the recipes to make them vegan and healthier, but there were some great suggestions.
Today, we were out of town and my daughter ate out all day...she had a tummyache before bed too!!
Good luck, and keep up the great work!! ;)b


Tonight we made tortilla pizzas. I cut up a bunch of veggies and got a can of pine apple chunks. Then I spread a tablespoon of tomato sauce on each little tortilla (and cheese on theirs they are ovo-lacto) then I let them pile up the ingredients. Baked em for 15 mins on 400....a pretty standard recipe, but thought Id put it out there anyways. I did this with a 6 and 3 year old. They loved eating something they helped make!


We gave my daughter one of those cheese spreader knives that come in gift baskets and let her cut mushrooms with it. She loves to help.


We gave my daughter one of those cheese spreader knives that come in gift baskets and let her cut mushrooms with it. She loves to help.

Dd is a wizz at cutting frozen garlic with a butter knife!

We went to visit an old friend today so dd had fruit loops in the car, half of a banana, and part of a chocolate peppermint luna bar.  She didn't care for the awesome potato kale soup that my friend made, but she drank some of the broth, cashews, snappea crisps, and animal crackers for lunch with an apple for a snack.  We ate out at the noodle and co for dinner, she had the mac n cheese (she's lacto with occasional chicken), some of the tofu and broccoli from my meal.

When I have no  clue what to make yet I have a ton of food in the house we eat rice with broccoli and cooked carrots.  We also do the burrito shells with refried beans and last night for dinner she had cheese sandwich with steamed snap peas and corn.  Dd loves noodles so I can make a noodle dish with spaghetti type noodle and she is in heaven.


my daughter is almost 1  and its a daily challenge to figure out what she will eat, right now its mostly bananas, avocado,  and watermelon, and of course, organic 'purely' o's...... she will eat pasta with marinara sauce, but shes kinda in the habit of throwing her steamed veggies 'overboard'..shes at her grandma's house for child care while I'm at work, so I try and think of things to bring there for her to eat......(my parents are FAR from vegan, and have no idea what to feed her!

its hard, nice to get ideas from other people!..


When my daughter went to a non-vegan babysitter, we brought fake hamburgers and hotdogs, soy yoghurt, pasta, rice casserole...

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